Hot! TDE’s Reason Delivers an Electrifying BET Cypher Verse


Part of the 2018 BET Hip-Hop awards.

Since its 1980 inception, BET has played a prominent role in proliferating black culture-themed content. An authority in the hip-hop landscape, BET began acknowledging the industry’s brightest talents at their inaugural award show in 2006, showing homage for the most impactful voices in the genre. Last night, Tuesday October 16th, BET continued this tradition with their 13th hip-hop awards show, hosted by DeRay Davis.

Of course, fans tuned-in to see who would claim the hardware, but the award show always presents tangential entertainment, mainly through their annual BET cypher–the stage reserved for artists who demonstrate the most adept lyrical command. Eminem might have stolen the show last year with his scathing Donald Trump diss, but this year’s most impressive freestyle goes to the recondite Reason–the recently-signed TDE rapper.

Having recently-released his raw, impressive debut album, There You Have It, Reason fits snugly in the lyrically-minded TDE roster, demonstrating these respectable MC skills at last night’s cypher.

Watch Reason spit at the BET Awards by clicking play on the video below:


Zach H