Hot! Swizz Beatz Confirms Secret Nas Album


New Nas album done?

Nas recently elated the hip-hop community with his long-anticipated album, Nasir. Produced by the polarizing Kanye West, Nasir was a seven-track effort, demonstrating that despite his age, he’s still more than capable of delivering rewind-worthy rhymes. Nas’ album is finally done, but now we’re receiving surprising news: we might have another new Nas album on the way.

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Swizz Beatz told them that he finished a Nas album in one week out in LA back in 2016. “[We were] in the studio every day at 12 o’clock, just bang bang bang. [We] recorded the whole thing, got it all on film. It was an ill process … super crazy, maniac sh*t.”

While it’s unclear if that album will ever see the light of day, Swizz confirmed that we will get a taste of it on his upcoming project, Poison.



Zach H