Hot! Snoop Dogg to Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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A huge congrats to the Snoop Dogg.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a nice time to reflect on and give thanks to the family and friends that have helped shape who we are. From grandparents to cousins, a familial bond is imperative when rearing an individual, when helping them achieve their potential. For some, that sagely advice comes from a beloved uncle. In hip-hop, that ubiquitous beloved uncle is none other than the Snoop Dogg.

Uncle Snoop has been foundational for a plethora of burgeoning artists who are in need of guidance–both direct music industry knowledge and general life skills. Finally, Snoop’s getting the recognition that he deserves as his name will forever be enshrined among the most impactful Hollywood stars. Snoop’s name has finally been cemented in Hollywood’s iconic Walk of Fame.

According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Snoop’s star will be unveiled on Monday, November 19th. A genuine prodigal son story, Snoop’s induction into this cherished collection of individuals is particularly special given his Long Beach, CA roots–the city that gave him life and the surroundings that would go on to inform his legendary music.

Snoop’s legendary status is unquestionable, and it’s almost surprising that it’s taken this long for Hollywood to award him this prestigious honor. Nevertheless, the recognition has come, and Snoop’s name will be memorialized.



Zach H