SiR & Kendrick Lamar Link On “Hair Down”

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TDE’s out here showing & proving.

Top Dawg Entertainment is revered for dominating hip-hop without ever compromising their artistic integrity. A team of unique creatives, TDE’s lean roster — encrusted by the likes of Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q — is strong from top to bottom, although their heavy hitters are certainly the most revered — that’s what happens when your lead guy is Kenny.

But just because their preeminent stars have more cachet than the lesser knowns doesn’t mean for a second that the artists rounding out the label are any less deserving of the spotlight.

One of those burgeoning artists is the eclectic and poised singer, SiR. A musician with ethereal qualities, like lulling one to sleep with his tranquil aesthetic, the 32-year-old artist consistently delivers with his varied product. From hits like “D’Evils” to slept on singles like “W$ Boi,” SiR always comes correct, always with a chip on his shoulder — with something to prove.

Today, the Inglewood native brings the narrative full circle by collaborating with Kendrick on the former’s new single, “Hair Down.” Juxtaposing SiR’s enchanting singing with K. Dot’s quick, grated raps make for a textured offering, and aptly manifests TDE’s overarching vision of artistic integrity.

Listen to SiR x Kendrick on “Hair Down” below:


Zach H