Renovated Nate Dogg Headstone Unveiled

Rest easy, King.

Nearly nine-years-ago, the music world lost an icon in Nate Dogg. An ethereal voice that graced such classics as “Regulate” with Warren G and “I Got Love,” the Long Beach legend is celebrated for being a vertebrate in hip-hop’s backbone during its malleable ‘90s and ‘00s era. 

Such a decorated person deserves decorated commemoration. Recently, Nate Dogg’s new headstone was unveiled, synthesizing said decorated life into a piece of art fit for a king.

The unveiling was accompanied by over 100 supporters, including Tha Dogg Pound’s Daz Dillinger. Nate’s sister, Pamela Hale, spoke glowingly about the headstone, saying, “It is a work of art, to say the least … The design captures every part of who my brother was, his music, his city, his style – even his military service.”

The renovated headstone includes Nate Dogg’s nickname, “King of Hooks,” as well as lyrics from the 2001 song, “Music & Me.”

Rest easy, King.


Zach H