Hot! Redman Turns Up the Energy on “Monster”

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If you’re prone to seizures, you might not want to watch this video…

Have you had your morning coffee yet? No need—Redman has you covered.

The Wu-Tang Clan veteran recently released the video for his blood-pumping track, “Monster”, ahead of his anticipated album, Muddy Waters 2. A collaborative effort, “Monster” is jointly produced by dubstep purveyor, Datsik, along with the other man, Jayceeoh, who comprises Redman’s group, 1000volts. 1000volts is certainly a fitting way to describe this song and video.

Spitting furiously over the electronic, energetic beat, Redman reminds us why he has remained relevant throughout the years, and why he’s still an in-demand emcee. Detailing his hostile perspective, Redman and cohorts use this aggression to knock over a weed shop, and recruit the ideal getaway car—an über Porsche (driven by track’s producer, Datsik)… In typical Redman fashion, despite the jarring, rapid sonics, he stills manage to interweave comedy into the song and video: when giving the über driver directions, Redman yells, “Yo, we was supposed to be turning here my n***a!”

Get ready for Muddy Waters 2 by bumping this deafening tracks, and watch the video below:


Zach H