Papoose Takes Us To School on “Numerical Slaughter”


Get your pens and paper out.

In 2004, renowned New York rapper Papoose put on a lyrical clinic with his “Alphabetical Slaughter”; as the name suggests, it was an exercise in constructing a rap song with words that began with each letter in the alphabet. Schooling the listener with dexterous rhymes from A – Z, this near 15-year-old track truly was, and is, a slaughter.

Years removed from that momentous release, Papoose has never strayed from his lyrical core, from his artistic integrity. Perpetually placing a premium on elevated words and concepts, Papoose is a manifestation of his New York hip-hop heritage. Proving that he hasn’t lost a step during his impressive tenure, Papoose is back with a new spin on this old concept: welcome to “Numerical Slaughter”.

Breaking down rhymes from one-to-nine, Papoose is here proving how he and his style are one-of-one.

Check out the DJ Premier-produced track below:


Zach H