Papoose Disses 6ix9ine On “Big Snitch”


The New York legend makes his feelings known.

With so many tangential narratives spawning from his polarizing music career, Tekashi 6ix9ine can’t keep his name out of the headlines. Disgusting most, if not all, of hip-hop by vociferously snitching against the Nine Trey Bloods in the racketeering case, the culture has rejected 6ix9ine. The most recent rapper to voice his disdain is Papoose by way of the aptly-titled single, “Big Snitch.”

Accompanied by cover art of a rat, the new Papoose track condenses the New York legend’s repugnance on wax, making his case why the rainbow-haired artist should be indefinitely condemned. Indicting Tekashi’s character while making implicit threats, Papoose begins “Big Snitch” by saying “He won’t make to see Christmas / Aim wit’ one eye like I’m Slick Rick / Click click / Can’t fly in my zone like I’m trick trick,” continuing the menacing tone throughout.

Rappers near and far, big and small, are banding together to lament 6ix9ine’s actions, including guys like YG and Smokepurpp. Papoose just happens to be the most recent one to do it.

Listen to “Big Snitch” below:


Zach H