Hot! Page Kennedy Drops Off Jay-Z Remix, “The Story of Hip-Hop”

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Page Kennedy isn’t just an actor.

Page Kennedy might be best known for his acting roles as Radon Randell on Blue Mountain State and U-Turn on Weeds, but the Detroit native is actually quite the versatile talent. In addition to playing a QB and a drug dealer, he’s also a rapper–and a pretty solid one at that. Today, Kennedy dropped off his remix to Jay Z’s “The Story of OJ”, “The Story of Hip-Hop”.

Here, Page details his perception of hip-hop’s evolution by delivering aptly-crafted bars complete with double-entendres and wordplay. A little under two-minutes in, Kennedy raps, “Real people with money don’t even show it, they modest rich wearing a t-shirt and you still know it / But they own this, they own that, and they own you / And how you know because the clothing line they own is on you.” Sheesh.

As a Golden Age purist, Page goes on to discredit the current hip-hop wave due to their lyrical simplicity and for displacing hip-hop. However, he goes on to say that this genre has so many different lanes now, that rather than getting infuriated about one sub-genre, go listen to the one that you like. At the end of the day, there are plenty of options, and there is music for everyone.

Watch the full “The Story of Hip-Hop” video below:


Zach H