Hot! Oswin Benjamin Delivers Memorable Sway In The Morning Freestyle

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New York’s next up?

It’s no secret that New York is a historical breeding ground for lyrically-inclined hip-hop. Arguably the greatest purveyor of Golden Age rap, the Empire State has minted legends from Nas to JAY-Z, and an abyss of talent in between.

Deep within that abyss is a pulsing underground of artists clawing their way to the top, to try and get noticed. While today’s commercial premium is placed more upon sound and production than content, there remains the loyal, dedicated few who refuse to dilute their integrity. One of them is Oswin Benjamin.

Steadily on his grind for some time, the young MC has garnered attention for his mature, refined aesthetic that orbits around his kindred relationship with the pen and paper.

Most recently taking notice of these talents is none other than Sway, who had Oswin on Sway In The Morning to deliver a memorable freestyle.

Hit play below to witness, as the late Nipsey proclaimed, dedication meeting preparation:


Zach H