Notorious B.I.G.’s Childhood Street Renamed “Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace Way.”


Continue to rest easy, King.

Over 22-years removed from his tragic death, Notorious B.I.G. is finally being immortalized in one of the most apt ways possible: his childhood block, the corner of Fulton Street in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, has been renamed “Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace Way.”

Biggie’s tangible impact on hip-hop helped elevate the genre from urban pockets to the mainstream. A revered storyteller with a penchant for crafting hit after hit record, Biggie’s death was mourned by those who knew him dearly and those who witnessed the legend through their headphones alike. He touched so many, uplifted a generation, and continues to impact listeners with his decorated musical catalogue.

Now, supporters can take joy and pride in sauntering down the lane that laid the foundation for one of entertainment’s most iconic legends.

RIP, Big. We love and miss you everyday.


Zach H