Hot! Nike Rumored to Release “Biggie vs Tupac” Sneakers


This would be incredible.

There might be a negative narrative surrounding the legendary names of Pac and Big thanks to some ill-informed–to put it nicely–SoundCloud rappers who think their classic sound is “boring”. Thankfully, true patrons recognize their efforts and those of their peers as trailblazing steps towards ballooning hip-hop as we know it. One of those entities showing respect is Nike, as they’ve recently announced a “Notorious B.I.G. vs Tupac Shakur” sneaker line.

The news broke thanks to the Instagram account, @NikeSBorNothing, saying that Nike’s SB line would be the one to manufacturer this collection. Rumoredly, the sneakers will consist of black denim and paisley for Pac, and chambray and plaid for Big.

Check back with Hip Hop Game on further announcements.



Zach H