Hot! NBC To Produce Bay Area Hip-Hop Documentary


The influential region is getting the recognition that they deserve.

The West Coast’s impact on hip-hop is undeniable. From the stars they’ve minted — like Snoop to Dre, from Kendrick to Vince Staples — to the multi-faceted sounds that boom out of the lowriders that cruise its streets, California’s influence is as tangible as it is influential.

And while they’re a long-respected region, their adulation typically resides within the hip-hop community, with the Bay Area typically playing footnote to LA’s scene. Proliferating the Bay Area’s impact to the masses, NBC is producing a documentary, Culture Of Hip-Hop, about the region’s musical scene and style.

Spanning one-hour, the doc will conduct interviews with legendary figures and respected newcomers, like: E-40, Too $hort, and G-Eazy.

The documentary is slated for a Saturday, April 27th, 10pm premiere on the local NBC station.


Zach H