Hot! Miami’s Kidd Wes Delivers ‘Eleven: The Junior Senior Year’


A well-crafted, cohesive narrative.

Miami’s musical stalwart, Kidd Wes, has been grinding on the underground circuit for some time, culminating in over two-million SoundCloud plays and a secure artistic vision. Part of that vision is to craft cohesive projects with well-articulated narratives, evidenced by his most recent, and second, studio album, Eleven: The Junior Senior Year.

A 12-track album, Eleven: The Junior Senior Year is a coming-of-age story that places Wes in the turbulent, relatable times of a high school kid trying to navigate the confusing world—the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. The album hinges upon Kidd Wes’ honesty and vulnerability, engorging the project with integrity facilitated by his punchline style of rapping. 

Get to know Kidd Wes by streaming Eleven: The Junior Senior Year below:


Zach H