Hot! MF DOOM Teams Up Jay Electronica


Two legends. One track. 

Earlier this month, it was announced the Hip Hop’s enigmatic lyrical magician, MF DOOM, had teamed up with Adult Swim to release one new track per week for 15-weeks, packaged as Missing Book of Rhymes. The pairing is suitable given Adult Swim’s alternative vibe and DOOM’s perpetual mysteriousness. With one track already out featuring the late great Sean Price, MF DOOM continues the weekly release strategy today with track number two, “True Lightyears”, and brings some extra muscle.

Possibly even more mysterious than DOOM himself is none other than the one man in Hip Hop who’s earned the title of incredible lyricists without ever dropping a solo album (aside from 3 stacks, of course), Mr. Jay Electronica. While Electronica is incredibly selective with who he lends features to, such as honoring KD this past June, DOOM matches his eccentricity and lyrical stamina.

“True Lightyears” finds these transcendent spitters exchanging bars over an almost elevator music-sounding production, which serves as an interesting springboard for them to lyrically bounce across. The track is engorged with clever wordplay, and reminds us why we put up with both of their palpable absences.

Check out “True Lightyears” below, and stay tuned for future DOOM releases.


Zach H