Hot! MF Doom & Bishop Nehru Drop “Rooftops” Video


The lead single/video off their upcoming collaborative project, Elevators: Act I & II.

Industry enigma, MF Doom, is heralded for several reasons: he’s one of the most intricate writers in music; he issues multifaceted flows; he is rare combination of rapper and producer. Another reason why Doom has been etched in hip-hop history is his willingness to collaborate with a wide-array of talent. He has albums with Danger Mouse, Madlib, KMD, and more. In 2014, he and Bishop Nehru released their album, NehruvianDoom. Now, the duo is back at it again with an impending secondary album release, and the lead single/video from the upcoming project.

Watch the video for “Rooftops” off of Bishop and Doom’s upcoming release, Elevators: Act I & II:


Zach H