Hot! Method Man Has Been Putting In Work At The Gym

Deadlifting 435-pounds — for reps.

Quarantine can impart a feeling of imprisonment, if approached with the wrong attitude. For growth-minded individuals, however, it can be a time of self-betterment — using the excess time to hone a craft or hobby. For Method Man, he’s been taking his forced hiatus as an opportunity to work on his fitness.

Recently, the legendary rapper posted a video to his Instagram of himself deadlifting 435-pounds — for reps. Maintaining relatively good form throughout, Meth is proving that both quarantine and age are just a mindset.

Meth’s workout video also serves as a chance for him to promote his Tical Athletics clothing line — a repurposing of his famed moniker, which in this context stands for Training Is A Commitment And Lifestyle.

Check out the video below:


Zach H