Hot! Marlon Craft Releases “Family” Video

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No matter what, Marlon can rely on his family.

New York’s Marlon Craft might be a millennial, but don’t tell that to his music. The proud and talented rapper is a breath of fresh air with an ironically nostalgic sound and style. Someone who places a higher premium on bars and storytelling, Marlon is a generational outlier intent on restoring hip-hop’s former lyrical sheen, which is fully displayed on his most recent album, Funhouse Mirror.

Recently, Craft delivered the album’s penultimate track’s (“Family”) video.

Structured by interspersed imagery of a present Marlon with childhood home videos, the “Family” visual shows where he’s been, who he is now, and demonstrates how his past has structured his present and future. Throughout it all, one absolute has remained: his family’s importance in his life and success.

Check out the “Family” video below:


Zach H