Mack 10 Announces New Album


The Redprint is coming.

In his day, Mack 10 was one of the hottest-selling independent artists, moving over 11MM units in total between his solo and group work. The Inglewood-based artist officially entered the game in ‘92, but hasn’t released a new solo project since the 2009 Soft White. Luckily, though, it was recently reported that he will be coming out with a new album some time this year.

During an hour-long interview with Soren Baker, Mack informed the host that he can’t leave music alone, simply for the sheer enjoyment of it. Towards the end of the interview, Mack said that his new project will be called The Redprint.

And lucky for old school fans, it will have vintage texture.

“My new album [is called] The Redprint … I’m just havin’ fun. I have a different approach to doing this record … It’s just, I’m just havin’ fun. I call it TheRedprint because I just want to do it through Mack 10’s lens again. Since I’m havin’ fun, I want to make the kind of records that I miss. You don’t really hear those kind of records that we made then, now.”

Stay posted for more The Redprint updates.


Zach H