Hot! Lupe Releases Politically Charged “Made in the USA” Video

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Lupe returns with his perspective on America.

Lupe Fiasco has never been one to keep his political, or other, opinions quiet—even to his own detriment. Especially to his own detriment. With the political poignancy swirling around America, it was only a matter of time until the Chicago emcee voiced his opinions. Today, we received those thoughts through his video for “Made in the USA”.

Now that Lupe is no longer signed to Atlantic, he’s liberated to uninhibitedly create music—and he’s doing just that. The politically pointed song and video take aim at the hypocrisy assumed by the racist engine pumping toxicity through the red, white, and blue. Running through a list of detrimental items produced in the USA, Lupe is indicting Trump’s well-known xenophobia. The same Trump that is the first to inaccurately, horrendously depict immigrants, is the very same one who will condone excessive gun production and access—one of the actual leading killers of Americans. To bring the point home, Lupe uses the perspective of infants to depict the atrocities produced on our very soil.

This motif of showing babies watching these events unfold through a small TV screen, hinges upon using their raw, unfiltered reactions to shine a light on the American virulence. In classic Lupe fashion, the song is opinionated, articulate, and calls a spade a spade.

“Made in the USA” is a single off Lupe’s forthcoming album, DROGAS Light, and he’s been performing it for several months.

Watch the politically-charged video below:


Zach H