Lupe Fiasco Speaks On His Times Out East On “Air China”

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Part of his docu-series, Beat N Path.

Lupe Fiasco has steadily been reminding the hip-hop community of his lyrical prowess. Recently, he released his track “Run Stars,” and today, he’s back with “Air China.”

Part of Lupe’s Beat N Path series, where he travels throughout China to explore their history through kung fu and music, “Air China” complements the series by distilling Lupe’s thoughts on wax through a stream-of-conscious mindset. Reflecting on his time in China, Lupe seems completely inspired by the eastern country, spitting lucidly about his journey over an ethereal production.

In typical Lupe fashion, though, “Air China” still packs a pointed punch, commenting on the pitfalls of our society — including our self-isolation through complete cell phone immersion — that have been further elucidated through experiencing a foreign territory.

“Air China” was also released alongside an accompanying music video, which can be viewed here.


Zach H