Hot! Lupe Fiasco Releases Politically-Charged Track, “Running From President”


Is it impeachment time yet?

Our divisive president has once again caused a national stir with his ignorant, sophomoric commentary on NFL players’ kneeling during the national anthem. Calling those who take a knee “sons of b*tches,” Trump has once again proven that his presidency is predicated on evoking emotional responses from moronic American subsets.

The NFL reacted admirably, with every team protesting in some manner, and the music world is also speaking up. Most recently, Lupe took to the mic to voice his disdain for Trump with the aptly titled track, “Running From President”.

Taking political aim is not new territory for the Chicago legend, but this might be his best, most applicable use yet. While the song is under two-minutes long, the words spoken are powerful enough to spread a message, and awareness.

Stream the track below:


Zach H