Hot! Lupe Fiasco Drops Off “Black Power L Word”


Lupe delivers as usual.

Lupe Fiasco is a on a mission: to be regarded as hip-hop’s GOAT lyricist. A lofty goal for most, Fiasco has strung together an impressive career on the heels of conscious, metaphorical bars, making his ambition quasi reachable. Working towards that goal, Lupe has put out a slew of singles as of late, his most recent being “Black Power L Word”.

Released on twitter following his tweet, “When it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you’d be very hard pressed 2say I’m not one of the best ever #TBE for real,” the 2:20 track serves as background to a grainy black and white video showing Black Panthers marching. Finding Lupe in classic lyrical form, “Black Power L Word” is a solid addition to his storied catalogue, and continues making his case for the GOAT lyricist title.

Stream “Black Power L Word” below:


Zach H