Ludacris Previews New Song During Nelly IG Live Battle

Featuring Lil Wayne and Timbaland production.

Circumstances might change, but creatives can’t be constrained by extraneous elements. While access to studios and collaborations are halted with COVID-19, musicians have adopted Instagram Live as their main outlet — for previewing new music, offering general entertainment, having hit battles with fellow respected artists, and more. Recently, Nelly and Ludacris faced off in a song showdown, and what transpired was not only mutual respect, but a preview for a new Luda track.

Entitled “Silence Of The Lambs,” Luda’s teaser is confirmed to have Timbaland production and a Lil Wayne providing the hook and a guest verse, as well. With only a small sample, Luda packs a heavy conceptual punch, speaking on both internal and race-related conflictions and commentary. 

Check out the preview here:


Zach H