Hot! Logic Paints a True, Sad Story With “One Day” Video


Logic is out here trying to affect change.

Logic is one of the industry’s special talents. Sure, he can bend and manipulate words on a near Eminem level, but his actual skill isn’t as impressive as how he applies it; how he uses his talent is what truly sets him apart from the crowd. In his recent video for “One Day”, the Bobby Tarrantino rapper leveraged this seven-minute video to expose the horrors taking place at our nation’s borders.

Featuring Ryan Tedder, the “One Day” video is an honest–albeit extremely melancholic–look into the marginalized lives that exist between the Mexican and American borders, between fear and hope. Rather than using the song’s lyrics to structure the video’s narrative, the visual focuses on themes of unity explored throughout the song.

Clips of families being torn apart as they endeavor towards the Land of The Free populate the video’s brutal imagery, painting a heart-wrenching story of those living in Trump’s America, of those whose dreams can ironically land them six-feet under.

As Logic’s fanbase has mushroomed, he hasn’t gotten lost in the fame or the accolades. His perceptiveness has sharpened. He’s at a rare point in an entertainer’s career where their popularity is ubiquitous enough to illuminate the evil behind injustices. Logic is using his platform to raise awareness, to affect change.

Watch the “One Day” video below:


Zach H