Hot! Logic & Eminem Unite Forces On “Homicide”


Marking their first collaboration.

Two of hip-hop’s fiercest spitters, Eminem and Logic, have united their superior lyrical acumen on the latter’s new track, “Homicide.”

Marking the first collaboration between the two, “Homicide” hits with the fervor of a vocal machine gun, finding Em and Bobby emptying the clip on all listeners. Rivaling each other for quantity and quality of bars condensed into the spine-tingling production.

Acting as lyrical sparring partners, “Homicide” is a classic example of how friendly competition can facilitate achieving one’s potential through fear of losing to the adversary. But, at the end of the day, Em and Logic both win because they’ve formulated an impressive product that recruits the best versions of themselves.

Listen to “Homicide” below:


Zach H