Hot! Listen to G Perico’s New EP, ‘Guess What?’


LA’s next up comes locked and loaded.

In hip-hop’s current landscape, an overwhelming sea of “Lils” and “Youngs” are emerging from the SoundCloud’s depths, clamoring for attention by ostensibly becoming carbon copies of the current trends. In an age of decreased originality, these generic artists avoid creative risk in favor of safety. However, sprinkled in the mix of these conformists stand the defiant few who intrepidly pursue their artistic vision in accordance with their beliefs, values, and inspirations. One man who embodies this to the fullest is LA’s G Perico–an artist who supplies a vintage west coast flair with updated musical qualities. His most recent project, Guess What?, is an apt representation of his past and present sonic distillation, and deserves your attention.

Listen to the seven-track EP below:


Zach H