KRS-One Continues Teasing ‘Street Light’ LP With Ongoing Docu-Series

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The man’s a miracle.

The legendary KRS-One could never put out another track and still easily coast off his countless hip-hop contributions. Consistently regarded for setting the lyrical mold, KRS’ storied body of work is the product of pensive writing and impressive execution. However, KRS’ passion for rap and hip-hop won’t allow him to cease musical production — the man is for the culture.

Currently, the New York icon is preparing for his upcoming project, Street Light. To give fans an in-depth look at the album construction process, KRS and his team have been documenting Street Light’s in-studio sessions. Recently, they shared the fourth installment, highlighting the fourth day in the studio.

Stay tuned for more Street Light updates.

Check out the six-minute video below:


Zach H