Kota the Friend Drops Off New Album, ‘FOTO’

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Featuring Saba.

Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend is a prime representation of patience’s virtuosity: he’s been circulating the underground ranks for close to a decade, organically building a devout fanbase who’ve grown accustomed to his captivating, laid-back stylings. An aesthetic predicated on authenticity and a unique perspective, Kota places a premium on storytelling and lyricism, standing starkly in contrast with trends and gimmicks.

And while this lack of adopting popular styles might hinder the kind of explosive rise enjoyed by some of his peers, Kota is strategically playing the long game. Recently, he took another purposeful step towards honing his musical identity with the release of his new album, FOTO.

A dense offering, coming in at 19-tracks, Kota’s second official album — the successor to the 2018-released Anything. — furthers the 26-year-old’s individualistic style while offering some creative risks, as he branches into divergent sonic directions. However, Kota’s unchanging self-possessed rhetoric demonstrates his fierce resolve and balanced moral compass.

Joining Kota on FOTO are a collection of lesser known artists — with one exception: Saba.

Listen to FOTO below:


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