Hot! King Combs, Diddy’s Son, Releases Mixtape, ’90s Baby’


An homage to Golden Age hip-hop.

Nepotism has long been an issue in the entertainment world. Regardless of one’s natural abilities, having a connected family member will undoubtedly facilitate one’s entertainment dreams. These nepotistic individuals typically don’t harbor the same talent or respect as someone who has to create their opportunities organically, but this isn’t always the case. Enter King Combs, Diddy’s son, who just released his mixtape, 90s Baby.

As the title suggests, 90s Baby is an homage to the sound that raised King Combs: hip-hops alleged Golden Era. Growing up with a highly influential and accomplished father like Diddy, who helped architect this very sound, King Combs was privy to a life and lifestyle that most kids simply read about. But instead of resting on his laurels, King Combs has decided to achieve this life for himself through hard work, talent, and drive. 90s Baby is a strong manifestation of this resolute effort.

Spittin over classic ‘90s beats, from “Flava in Ya Ear” to 50 Cent’s “U Not Like Me”, King Combs demonstrates apt rapping skills that will potentially land him on the 2018 XXL Freshmen list, as he’s an eligible candidate.

Stream 90s Baby below:


Zach H