Hot! Kanye Tweets That He Will Be Producing Nas’ Upcoming Album


“Nas June 15th”.

Kanye West has been flooding the twitter sphere with the valuable inner thoughts we’ve been deprived of since his palpable social media hiatus. From identifying one’s true creative purpose to instructing individuals on blocking out hatred, Kanye has been playing the Dr. Phil archetype in our lives that most of us silently crave. The other day, Ye supplemented this salvational rhetoric with some earth-shattering news: he will be producing Nas’ upcoming album.

Not only has our musical lord and savior returned to the 280-character (it was 140-character that last time that he used it…) platform to spread his worldly thoughts, he’s also returned to his musical production roots. Crammed in between tweets about expressing love for Tesla and calming ocean wave videos, Kanye has provided pertinent information regarding GOOD Music signees release dates: Pusha T 5/25, Kanye 6/1, Kanye and Cudi 6/8, and Teyana Taylor 6/22, noting that he’s hand produced all of these projects. However, the biggest surprise announcement regarding Nas’ album arrived yesterday at 7:33PM. Terse yet effective, Kanye simply tweeted, “Nas June 15th”.

Nas’ upcoming album has been discussed tirelessly, receiving a balanced press strategy from traditional announcements to an entire song dedicated to its existence on DJ Khaled’s 2016 Major Key album track, “Nas Album Done”. While this wait has been frustrating, receiving this rejuvenating news is a lighting bolt of excitement that imparts as many exclamation points as it does question marks.

Simply put, Yeezy season approaching.


Zach H