Hot! Kanye Tweets Out New ‘Jesus Is King’ Release Date


Are we finally going to hear it?

The media circus that is Kanye West is as frustrating as it is entertaining. A transcendent artist who’s birthed timeless classics, Ye has a stronghold on his omnipresent fanbase, forcing perpetual engagement despite being toyed with. Kanye’s proposed new album, Jesus Is King, has fallen victim to delays and changes, but now, he’s come through with a new release date.

The ninth Kanye West solo studio album will now arrive this Friday, October 25th — so he claims, at least.

At 1:17AM, October 21st, Kanye tweeted out a picture of the Jesus Is King cover art, a photo a deep blue vinyl record, accompanied by with terse yet information copy: “‘Jesus Is King’ Oct 25th.”

We’ve been here before, though. Dating back to Kanye’s promised Yandhi album, which might never see the light of day as its original incarnation, his penchant for indecisiveness has tugged on his audience’s heartstrings.

Hopefully this Friday, the sounds of Jesus Is King will finally be made available. But with Kanye, one can never be too certain.


Zach H