Hot! Kanye Sits Down With Jimmy Kimmel


Ye opens up on a range of topics.

No matter what he does, Kanye’s actions will always find themselves on headlines. Whether he’s wearing a MAGA hat or producing incredible music, Ye consistently stays at the center of attention. Last night, Yeezy went on Jimmy Kimmel for roughly a 21-minute conversation, tackling a range of subjects.

From his fashion line to his thoughts on his bipolar disease, Kanye was relatively lucid and calm, despite some awkward moments. When Kimmel asked Ye direct questions about Trump and whether or not he’s a good president, Kanye just went kind of silent and trailed off, forcing Kimmel to cut to commercial break. Upon return, there was no mention of Trump.

The two also discuss Ye’s role as a father and how it relates to his current behavior, how love and fear rule the world, in addition to other fascinating topics.

Check out the full interview below:


Zach H