Hot! Joey Bada$$ Announces Quitting Weed


Big news for the Pro Era rapper.

Marijuana is as interwoven with hip-hop culture as the very lyrics that make this genre pop. However, most people reach a breaking point where they reflect on their weed usage, and decided whether or not it’s a benefit or detractor.

Frequent weed enthusiast, Joey Bada$$, recently took to his IG live to denounce his weed habit, saying that he feels “1000x better focused and functional.” Telling his fans, “I feel like smoking is for older people who have worked a long time and are looking to relax. Not for young people who have a lot more to accomplish and can’t afford anything slowing them down from getting to their destination.” He wrote, “I get it though a lot of you think you need it to cop w the stress trust me I been there, But, meditation is much better.”

We wish Joey best of luck in this sobriety process.



Zach H