Hot! Joe Budden’s Son, Trey, Confronts His Father on “Thoughts After The Courtroom”


Joe gets a taste of his son’s mood muzik.

Joe Budden made a career off his staple styling, “Mood Muzik”, which featured the veteran rapper broadcasting his unfiltered emotions and opinions. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Budden’s son, Trey, has released his own Mood Muzik, but has picked an unsuspecting target: his father.

On Trey’s song “Thoughts After The Courtroom”, the budding emcee takes shots at his father and questions his intentions, motivations, and actions. He takes Joe to task on sneak dissing other rappers, being an absentee father, airing out his family’s dirty laundry in public, and more. Simply, “Thoughts After The Courtroom” is a cathartic confrontation for Trey.

Listen to “Thoughts After The Courtroom” below:


Zach H