Hot! Joe Budden Starts Selling “F*ck Joe Budden” Shirts on His Own Website

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That’s one way to deal with negative press.

Whenever people jest at one’s expense, it’s important to steer into the skid. By doing so, it returns the power to the victim. Hip-hop’s most divisive journalist, and former rapper, Joe Budden, is doing just that.

After coming under fire for (pick any reason over the past several months), young rappers started wearing “Fuck Joe Budden” shirts and hoodies, clearly voicing their disdain towards the “old head” figure. However, instead of getting visibly offended, Joe started selling these shirts on his own website. Whether or not this will deter people from voicing their displeasure with the “Pump It Up” rapper remains to be seen, but he’s dealing with the situation as best as he can.

You can buy the shirts here.




Zach H