Hot! Joe Budden Chops it Up With The Breakfast Club

Slaughterhouse Portrait Session

Joe keeps it unfiltered and entertaining as per usual.

Joe Budden built a successful rap career off the strength of palpable energetic sonics coupled with pensive rhymes. Known for his blockbuster hit “Pump It Up” and for his countless contributions to Slaughterhouse Gang, Joe attracted his niche fan base through an unapologetic approach that isn’t just limited to rap. Joe is a real as they come.

After hanging up his rap career to try his hand in the broadcasting world, Joe landed a curious role on Complex’s Everyday Struggle hip-hop talk show, alongside DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis. The trio, who all harbored fairly disparate views, which of course made for more entertaining content, worked themselves into a well-oiled machine, creating unique and enticing content despite a shaky start. While all legs were essential to the tripod, it became clear that Joe was the most necessary support pillar. However, due to personal and financial disputes, Joe exited Everyday Struggle after its first season, completely depleting the show’s fiery underbelly that made it so enticing.

Too entertaining of a personality to keep off the air, Joe quickly landed back on his feet through multiple endeavors. In addition to his own podcast, Budden inked a deal with Revolt TV several months back, and the two announced his forthcoming show, “State of The Culture”. It will be raw, it will be opinionated, but most importantly, it will be unfiltered Joe.

This morning, the former Slaughterhouse MC went on The Breakfast Club to dispel rumors regarding his Complex departure, navigating the turbulent grounds of the media world, his perspective on the music industry, and more.

Check out the interview below to receive a full dose of Joe Budden entertainment:


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