Hopsin Pulls No Punches On The Melancholic “I Don’t Want It”


This might be the last song from Hopsin for awhile…

The enigmatic and entertaining Hopsin has returned today in all his glory on the emotional cut, “I Don’t Want It.”

In an introspective state of mind, the Gazing at the Moonlight artist melancholically reveals the depths of his soul and mind, flirting with depressing messaging. He begins the somber track by saying, “This will probably be the last song I put out in a while.”

Presumably a cathartic experience, Hopsin goes on to decompress his mind by speaking on his unexpected child and candidly offering his immediate reactions and emotions. “Months later, my girl told me she’s pregnant / This was something I never expected / Her and I weren’t on good terms at the time, man, it was hectic / And I was scared if she kept this baby I might regret it,” he raps.

As per usual, Hopsin uses his commendable vulnerability to invite fans into the inner workings of his mind through his pensive and deft rhymes.

Listen to “I Don’t Want It” below:



Zach H