Hot! GoldLink Paints Vivid Word Pictures in New Freestyle

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In partnership with the German-based musical media outlet, Colors.

DMV’s GoldLink transcends the mold of a traditional rapper by infusing extraneous musical elements into his artistry to create a unique aesthetic. A man who incorporates layered soulful production as easily as he does minimalist beats, GoldLink is unafraid of any artistic challenge. But he’s also keen on paying homage to the foundation that makes hip-hop, hip-hop: lyrics.

In a recent “A COLORS SHOW”, a German-based music media outlet, entitled “Justine’s Interlude”, GoldLink demonstrates his eclectic skill set by using his distinct voice to paint vivid word pictures. From discussing how jaded he’s become since flirting with the limelight to final conversations with and premonitions regarding Mac Miller, GoldLink proves that his pensive writing can excel any format as the COLORS SHOW is a raw musical expression: a man, his microphone, a monochromatic backdrop, and a beat.

Watch GoldLink do his thing by hitting play below:


Zach H