Hot! Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Unite on “Flat Tummy Tea”


Presumably from their forthcoming collab album, Bandana.

One scroll through an average Instagram feed, and you’ll be flooded with IG models’ endorsed posts for some sort of “flat tummy tea”. “It changed my life!” they’ll say. The advent of social media businesses have not only facilitated increased entrepreneurial undertakings, but has empowered a wide collection of individuals-turned-brands to monetize themselves and their assets. While the flat tummy tea purveyors are typically cut from an hourglass-figure cloth, the debloating formulas aren’t exclusive to these individuals.

Enter Freddie Gibbs: longtime rapper, hip-hop enthusiast, proud resident of Gary, IN, and, apparently, the latest flat tummy tea advocate. Released as an astute marketing vehicle, Freddie posted a shirtless picture to his Instagram yesterday, proudly holding a Flat Tummy Co bag while sipping out of a white mug. In a vacuum, it would seem that Gibbs was jesting about the IG craze that has swept millennial women. However, Freddie hasn’t built an impressive career on the back of random events–with the E$GN rapper, everything is calibrated.

Today, Freddie has come through with his new single–yup, you guessed it–“Flat Tummy Tea” produced by longtime collaborator Madlib. Satirizing the diet supplement, Freddie flushly enlists his superior rapping skills against the Madlib production by delivering lines like “Gold body my jeweler he Black Mummy-me / I be in these b*tches tummies like Flat Tummy Tea”.

“Flat Tummy Tea” is a single from Freddie and Madlib’s upcoming collab album, Bandana–the successor to their well-received 2014 dual endeavor, Piñata.

Listen to “Flat Tummy Tea” below:


Zach H