Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Return On “The Next Day”


Released through Adult Swim Singles.

Oh, you thought they were done? Not by a long shot.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib — known collaboratively as MadGibbs — released their second joint album, and major label debut, Bandana, on June 28th to universal acclaim. Awarded an 8.1/10 on Pitchfork, Bandana aptly distills Gibbs’ chilling tales over Madlib’s unique and polished production, coalescing their respective talents into an album of the year contender.

Now, only six-weeks removed from its release, MadGibbs are back in action with their new single, “The Next Day” featuring Oh No. It is distributed by Adult Swim Singles, who released a collection of MF Doom tracks in 2017.

In addition to teaming up with Adult Swim’s music division to circulate “The Next Day,” Freddie and Madlib will also be performing at the alternative entertainment platform’s November festival, Adult Swim Festival.

Get a hit of some dope hip-hop by hitting play on “The Next Day” below:


Zach H