Hot! Eminem’s ‘REVIVAL’ Leaks


And the reviews are polarizing to say the least.

Few albums have been as anticipated as Eminem’s REVIVAL—his first album in four-years. With a couple of singles released (“Walk on Water” and “Untouchable”), reactions have been mixed to say the least. Some claim that Em is trying too hard, or not trying hard enough. While the album is officially due out tomorrow, December 15th, a leak has started circulating online. Much like the singles, the reactions are polarizing.

Some people claim that it is “fucking awful”; some harbor excitement, calling it “fucking lit”. Of course, given his outsized status and hip-hop influence, Eminem will always be placed upon a pedestal, held to a higher standard than most, if not all. Whether or not the album is trash or flames is up to the listener. Tomorrow, we’ll find out for sure. 


Zach H