Hot! Eminem Goes For Trump’s Throat in BET Awards Freestyle

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“It’s the calm before the storm right here…”

It’s a sad revelation that all sane people foresaw: Donald J. Trump is horrendously unqualified to lead our country. When US citizens are relegated to dreadful living conditions, when our country’s western, eastern, and southern regions are being ravaged by nature’s unforgiving hand, when we’re inching closer and closer towards nuclear war, Trump feuds with professional sports leagues to shift focus away from his inadequate leadership, and to alter the narrative. Yes, all sane people foresaw Trump’s ghastly presidency. One man decided to use his larger-than-life platform to illuminate his ill will towards the misogynist posing as the POTUS—Mr. Marshall Mathers.

Last night at the BET awards, Eminem issued a freestyle that was lyrically engorged with metaphors and punchlines aimed at Donald Trump’s throat. From calling out his many shortcomings, to criticizing his erroneous rhetoric, all the way to comparing him to The Thing from Fantastic 4, Eminem was in classic form. Normally, it’s rappers who fall victim to Shady’s vocal cannon. Last night, it was Trump’s head lodged in Em’s lyrical guillotine. But, of course, Trump will most likely today claim that this was all “fake news” and apart of the “liberal media’s” agenda against him. Sure, Donald. Sure.

Watch the on-point freestyle below:


Zach H