Hot! Earl Sweatshirt Releases Original Edition of “Veins”


A soulful take on a standout Some Rap Songs track. 

On November 30th, Earl Sweatshirt came through with his long-awaited album, Some Rap Songs–announced just weeks ahead of its release. Lauded for its dismantlement of traditional album structures, both at an inter and intra level, Earl’s third studio album proved that the enigmatic rapper not only still has it, but that he’s thinking and creating at an elevated level.

Today, he’s come through with a new release by way of remixing the album cut, “Veins”; the re-release is the track in its original version. Recorded back in 2017, the OG edition was leaked by one of the song’s producer, Adé Hakim, and features a completely different, more soulful spin on the album standout.

Listen to the “Veins” OG version below:


Zach H