Earl Sweatshirt is Dropping New Music Today


It’s unclear if it’s a single or a project, but we do know one thing: new Earl music is on the immediate horizon.

Few artists enjoy the loyalty that Earl Sweatshirt does. Although he hasn’t released an album since 2015’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, and his first feature since then came by way of his recent 30-second interlude on Vince Staples’ FM!, Earl’s fanbase remains devoted and hopeful that their poetic outcast will return. Well, it looks like fans won’t have to hold out much longer–new Earl music is dropping imminently.

Announced yesterday via his sparingly-used Instagram, Earl uploaded an intriguing, ominous trailer for his new music dropping today, November 8th: “NOWHERE2GO”. It’s unclear if this is a project or single, but, regardless, the notion of new Earl music is incredibly exciting given his superior lyrical acumen, contrarian outlook, and eccentric demeanor.

Take a look at the music trailer below:

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