Hot! Dreamville Drops “Down Bad” Video

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 11.10.59 AM

Featuring JID, EarthGang, Young Nudy, Bas, and Cole himself.

Dreamville’s latest ensemble album, Revenge of the Dreamers III, is an apt window into J. Cole’s artistic curation abilities. Evidenced not only by his Dreamville roster’s superior skills, but also by the outside talent who contributed to this project’s success. One track that distills these two lenses is the lead single, and second on the tracklist, “Down Bad” featuring JID, Bas, EarthGang, Young Nudy, and Cole himself. Recently, the team linked to release its official music video.

Shot throughout Atlanta, home to everyone featured besides Cole and Bas, the new visual’s aesthetic is a conflation of DIY and professional imagery, manifested by grainy, home movie-esque footage for the former, and clean, clear shots for the latter. Perhaps a metaphor for the suturing of established and rising talent that the track features, this dualistic video imparts a unique and engaging texture.

This duplicity extends past the imagery, though, and finds comfort in more concrete examples: mainly, juxtaposing JID eating chicken wings with them living the dream in a private jet.

Replete with some cool edits and graphics, the “Down Bad” video supplements the project’s ferocity and party vibes, making for must-watch TV.

Check out the “Down Bad” video below:


Zach H