Hot! Don Q Gives A “Quick Reminder” About His Talents

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The Bronx MC isn’t mincing words.

In case you forgot who some of the most promising artists out of New York are, Don Q is here to jog your memory — or provide you with a “Quick Reminder,” rather.

Recently linking with Worldstar to deliver an exclusive music video, Don Q’s “Quick Reminder” is a succinct offering that auspiciously paints the Bronx native both through listing off his accomplishments and the sheer rapping itself.

Don is a rare gem in today’s age of burgeoning artists. Not only is the 27-going-on-28-year-old fiercely adhering to his lane of honoring hip-hop’s lyrical roots, he’s doing it while paying homage to the very city that birthed the genre.

Check out Don’s “Quick Reminder” below:


Zach H