Hot! DJ Premier Remixes J. Cole’s “1985”


Welcome to “1966”.

If hip-hop’s dynamic narratives are a refrigerator, then J. Cole’s name is spelled out across it in vibrant, polychromatic letters. From issuing a nutritious album in KOD to the anticipated interview with Lil Pump, Cole is constantly intertwined with hip-hop’s innerworkings–whether he’s puppeteering from a distance, or singing and dancing front-and-center. Today, his name finds itself in the news through indirect means: DJ Premier has mashed-up Cole’s hit track, “1985” with a myriad of boom-bap-type beats, entitled, “1966”.

In an interview, DJ Premier explained, “‘1985’ resonated with me immediately so I asked Cole if I could get the Acapella and do an underground DJ version just for fun…He sent it and I just pieced some stab samples to keep it on some boom bap shit.” Adhering to Cole’s mold of honoring and perpetuating hip-hop’s lyrical cornerstone, the boom-bap aesthetic fits Jermaine like a custom Armani suit.

Check out the “1985” Remix, “1966”, below:


Zach H