Hot! Video Dee Boi – Scars

Dee Boi was born March 16, 1987 in Orlando Florida. A tragedy happened early in Dee Boi’s life when he lost his father at age 10. He then started writing poems to express his feelings on paper. He started rapping at age 14 but never took it seriously, until age 17. Later he was invited to a local studio by the late AK, Dee Boi started getting a lot of attention from the songs that he recorded.

That’s when he met Hollywood Kp (CEO/producer of Grind Hard Records) and recorded the song entitled “Grind Hard”. The rest was history for Kp and his cousin Blue P ( President/Marketing Director of Grind Hard Records ) started their own record label and wanted Dee Boi to be their first artist. The name didn’t take long to come up with; reflecting from the lyrics of the young Dee Boi and thought “Grind Hard” would be perfect. Dee Boi is inspired by Tupac ,Ti, Trick Daddy, 8ball and MJG, UGK, and Juvenile. His lyrics represent true “dope boy” music. He is now the Vice President of Grind Hard Records and his ready to shake up the underground scene in Florida. Now he wants you to see things through his eyes from his lyrics.

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Zach H