Hot! Blu & Exile Release Long-Awaited Project, ‘In The Beginning: Before The Heavens’


We needed this.

Rapper – producer duo Blu & Exile captured fan’s hearts and ears with their momentous 2007 release, Below The Heavens. Heralded as a vintage display of conscious lyricism and invigorating production, this album marked what many though to be the start of a prosperous career for these two West Coast artists. While their career trajectories might not have—yet—panned out according to these lofty goals, one things is resoundingly clear: they are damn talented.

From that mid-2000s recording session, not only was Below The Heavens born, but so was a stockpile of great music—just not great enough, in their eyes, to make the album cut. But just because something isn’t deemed worthy of an album doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have merit or value. Now, Blu & Exile have taken these non-album cuts to ironically create a totally new project, In The Beginning: Before The Heavens.

Take a listen to this “new” project below:


Zach H